Monday, April 6, 2009

Do you know anyone with celiac disease?

The annual Celiac 5k Run/Walk is coming up!

1 in 133 Americans suffer from this autoimmune disorder (including yours truly). 
But there are many more people who are unaware that they suffer from it because it is multi-symptomatic.  To make matters worse, it is commonly misdiagnosed.

No, it is not an allergy.  If you have celiac, you must be on a gluten-free diet.  This means eliminating all forms of wheat, barley, or rye from your diet.  This is no fad diet here. Quick Start to a GF Diet [pdf]  And it ain't cheap either!

Currently there is no cure for celiac.  The race is to support research for Celiac Disease.

A few of the locations for the run/walk:
Baltimore, MD
Buffalo, NY
Dallas, TX
Minneapolis, MI
Rochester, NY
Sarasota, FL
Syracuse, NY
Tri-county Michigan

Think you might have celiac?  [pdf] 
Hint: Keep eating a regular diet, but talk to your GI about getting tested ASAP.