Friday, January 28, 2011

Gluten Free throughout the day

I'm watching the morning news over a cup of coffee, when this commercial came on.

It's so nice to have "gluten-free" becoming mainstream...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The worst kind of mistake.

Went grocery shopping yesterday - you know, the usual stocking up on miscellaneous items for the week.
Out last stop on the coupon-saving, buying extravaganza was the grocery store.

Our local Safeway store has a Gluten-Free section - big signs that say Gluten-Free and many GF products all placed on those shelves.  It's in the health section, right next to the toothpaste and cough syrup.

Now, being the marketers dream customer that i am, I saw Mi-Del had a new product sitting right there on the shelf.  Graham Crackers!  My excitement was further amplified when I picked up the box and felt how heavy it was .  If you are a glutard like me, then you are used to boxes of goodies being light, containing maybe 50% product than a comparable gluten-filled box.

This is where most people would think: "if it's too good to be true, then it probably is, so i should double-check it."  But i was blurry-eyed and desperately wanting to get home.  Into the cart it went, and off the hubbie and I went.

Fast forward to today, Sunday.

I was craving a snack.  Something sweet, but not too sweet.  Oh! The Mi-Del graham crackers.  Opened up the box and immediately started chomping away.  Though, much to my chagrin, these graham crackers were less than sweet, they were ... 100% whole wheat.


Why, for someone who is so careful to ALWAYS read the box labels did I make that kind of HUGE mistake?  It all comes down to trust, and I fell right smack into the trap of trying to fit into society.  I trusted that grocery store personnel would not shelve a whole-wheat product on a shelf marked gluten-free.

This was not a product of misplacement.
Oh yes, I enjoy that little fun joke that people enjoy placing the bag of wheat gluten on the shelf with the gluten-free products.  [sarcasm] 

No, this was purposely stocked on this shelf.  I also failed to remember that Mi-Del Cookies makes both gluten-filled and gluten-free products.  When I see Mi-Del, I think of their yummy gf animal crackers...

Grrr.  8 years of being a celiac, and I still make mistakes.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dinner Disaster

Was going to make Vegetarian Fried Rice tonight and put the frozen spinach in a glass bowl to defrost in the microwave.

This is what happened:

Glass tragedy

I've put these glass bowls in the microwave before. What went wrong?!?

Trying to figure out plan B for dinner.

Curry delicious

Homemade vegetarian curry with a side of red quinoa

Curry 1

Curry 2