Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pitiful Paris

Just returned from a glorious trip to Brussels, Paris and London.
As a celiac my least favorite place was Paris because it's just bread everywhere.  Without much variation.  Luckily across from my hotel was an organic (in french: "bio") food store with a minuscule gluten free (french: "sans gluten") section.  A couple loaves of bread, flour, muesli, and sweets.  Of course, we didnt' discover this until the 2nd to last day.  Really, I survived on rice cakes and cheese - there could be worse things.  But, my mouth just drooled over the bakeries with their baguettes, patisseries, sandwiches -- constantly seeing this everywhere I looked, nothing could satisfy me unless it involved a croissant or a crusty baguette.

Maybe if I had planned a little better, I would have done a little more research into gluten free establishments in Paris.  To be honest, the american celiac travel websites that I looked at before leaving were less than helpful.  If you know a little bit of french, I would highly recommend looking at France based websites (.fr) using "sans gluten" as the keyword.  Here is a discussion about gluten free Paris restaurants with some suggestions.

Since we had limited time in paris, we chose to spend our time visiting the sights instead of traipsing around town looking for gluten free food.  It's just unfortunate that there aren't very many "naturally" gluten free foods around Paris. 

Up next: my report on eating in London.. and pictures!

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