Sunday, February 11, 2007

Double Negative

Despite a wonderful night out, I definately didn't make the best choices tonight.

First at Clyde's most of the things that I wanted to get either had bacon or noodels that weren't gf. So I saw GRILLED FILET cheddar potato croquettes and creamed spinach and decided that croquettes is usually like latkes so that wouldn't be too bad, maybe the creamed spinach might have some sort of thickener in it but I don't know. Plus I love steak, so mmmm filet. Man it was yummy. But the croquettes looked like mozzarella sticks but tasted MUCH better. Only problem?? Clearly the breading on it.

Second error: Well since tomorrow is the boyfriend's birthday, his parent's had ice cream cake from Carvel. YUMMY. And his mom even got a double ice cream layer instead of cake on the bottom. Where did I go wrong? Eating the chocolate crunchies and the sprinkles on top. But if you click on that link you will see that they can make the ice cream cake without both of those. Good to know for the next time i get a cake!

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