Saturday, February 10, 2007

Teaching the Family

The latest in my quest to infom the most people about celiac disease is getting my parents tested for it. Currently I am the only person in my family, both immediate and known extended family, that has the gluten-intolerance. All I ask from my parents is that they get tested so I at least have an idea what side of the family it is on, and possible inform as many of those family members to get the test. However, since they choose not to, I am stuck guessing by certain symptoms that my parents exhibit. My immediate guess was my dad had it, but now I have more reason to believe my mother does. She says that she's going to tell her GI the next time she goes in for an appointment, hopefully sooner than later. Her excuse for not getting it? "I like bread." It's more of a 'what I don't know won't hurt me' philosophy; a philosophy that I know is so completely wrong. Anyone have any experience with this? I need tips on what I can say to persuade them.

I will say this, my mom has been starting to buy more gluten-free products when I am around the house. For example last night at Shabbat dinner she had not only bought gluten-free bread for me to use as challah but TWO out of the three dessert pies were gluten free. Where did mom buy these wonderful products? M.O.M's!!

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